Friday, June 27, 2014

Sublime Norma

What a rare treat to hear the wonderful British vocalist Norma Winstone at the Jazz Bistro last night. She was in fine form and the audience was filled with great musicians and vocalists - Mike Murley, Jim Vivian, Don Thompson, Fern Lindzon, Beverley Taft and Maureen Kennedy to name a few... you just know the performer is highly respected when so many talented individuals show up in the midst of the jazz festival.

Relaxed in slim fitting jeans and blazer and sporting a tasselled sparkling necklace that I soooo covet - she delivered a magical evening covering tunes written by her fellow trio members - from Germany Klaus Gesing on soprano saxophone and bass clarinet and Glauco Venier  a proud Italian on piano. There were even some soccer references.

Highlights included a fanastic opening number - Nick Drake's "Time of No Reply" and Madonna's (!) "Live to Tell"...which never sounded so good. It was nice to be in the room with a focused and receptive audience and to see the trio having a great time and working seamlessly together. As one of her encores she performed the timeless Cole Porter - "Every Time We Say Goodbye".

Right now I'm listening to her latest CD - " Dance Without Answer" - lovely and ethereal. I just love the instrumentation. Norma Winstone is so adept at choosing great material and musicians you know you will not be disappointed. The last time I heard her was at another stellar concert at the CBC - with Fred Hersch. It has been too long since my Norma fixes..maybe I need to visit Britain again? :)