Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coming clean

As in making a vow to remove certain things from my diet - i.e. overdosing on sugar and wheat -so, I'm try to eat more raw foods, green juices etc. etc. - so far, so good...of course part of this is wanting to lose weight but also actually to have more energy and feel better - especially during the depths of winter here in T.O. I have also been less than stellar about my vegan diet, so new incentive.

I now have a dehyrdator and so have been making kale chips constantly and have even tried my hand at crackers - next up - some cookies from Diana Stobo - I think they are double chocolate..oops maybe after I have been off sugar for a while.

I have kind of been hibernating of late - doing a lot of reading - both for pleasure and enlightenment - like "Why Meditate" and "Spirit Junkie" - plus the melancholy Swede  - one Kurt Wallender in "The Troubled Man" by Henning Mankell. It's the last book featuring that character. It was an ending for "Chuck" this week...sniff, sniff - I will miss everyone at the cool is it that "Jeffster" saved the day? LOL.
I noticed they slipped in another Canadianism in a previous episode Lester (Vikay Patel - who IS Canadian)          was asked by Casey to do something for his country and he replied "Canada"? So then they showed him suited up with "O Canada" playing...too funny!

Jazzwise - there will be a "retirement" party on February 1st at the Rex for Katie Malloch - the much loved jazz host on CBC - the band looks incredible - Don Thompson, Mike Murley, Barry Elmes, Reg Schwager, Mark Eisenman and Diana Panton on vocals!

And it that wasn't enough in jazz riches - why the Daniel Jamieson Quintet is on at 9:30!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oribe Hair Care

I am now hooked on Oribe hair care - thanks to my stylist Sandro at Pop Hair - the styling creme is wonderful! It gives great hold and body and definition without the crunchy texture of my old Deva Curl gel - even the next day - the hold is still there. I also am in love with the conditioner - my scalp feels hydrated and it gives enough conditioning without weighing my hair down - I can't way to try the shampoo. Aside from the the containers are elegant and gorgeous - the shampoo and conditioner bottles are also different shapes so no problem when you're fumbling for the right one in the shower.

I am also trying out Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate which is lovely. I adore their Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Products - delicious scent but not overpowering and very moisturizing. I like the scrub alot too, I love sugar scrubs but find alot of product is lost, i.e.seems to melt....Kiehl's has ingeniously but their  exfoliant in a cream base in a tube. Smart.

Last night was another great Toronto Arts and Culture meetup -with the Queen West Arts Crawl - starting at Twist Gallery - "New World Order" - I loved one of the paintings called "Pancakes" - a shiny acrylic and resin mix - a turquoise background and colourful circles - it made me very happy. Then onto Alison Milne's gallery on Walnut - a great new space with emerging artists, then onto Krumpler on Queen to check out some  heavy duty backpacks and luggage in fun colours - that will be a go to spot when I need a brand new bag.

We trekked down to St. Stanislau Catholic Church on Denison next and got a fascinating history lesson on the Polish community in Toronto - specifically its origins in what was known as "The Ward". The church was a former Presbyterian one and with declining attendance in the early 20th century was purchased by beer baron Mr. O'Keefe. Interestingly the Polish Credit Union had it's beginnings in the church as the bad old days as recent as the 1950's it was pretty much impossible for new immigrants to get loans from banks - hence the need for their own financial institution. Eventually the Polish community has moved westward to Roncesvalles and further - Mississauga and Brampton.

The only low point was my veggie burger at Shanghai Cowgirl when we socialized afterwards - it was like cafeteria food - a lacklustre Yves burger on a white bread bun. I know you can do better...I guess I have been spoiled by good veg burgers at my fave veg restaurants and places like Craft Burger and Hero - which do good ones.

By the way, loving the new dehyrdator - making tamari almonds as I write. I have also made flax crackers and a couple of rounds of kale makes it difficult to comtemplate buying them again.

We have a new TV, a Toshiba 40" - and I'm enjoying some old sitcoms like "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Rhoda" - I love Rhoda's wardrobe so funky and colourful - I understand that raw cookbook author and icon Mimi Kirk had something to do with that look!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Eve at Rawlicious

IMG_5546.jpgThis is my glass of champagne - and those are pomegranate seeds which provided some extra entertainment during the meal - they would sink to the bottom fill up with bubbles and bob back up again...

I neglected to take photos of all the menu items but they were delish - first up a Roasted  Red  Pepper Soup with Olive Sesame Bread sticks - a chili kick from that creaminess, then the Mixed Greens with Candied Pear Slices, Walnuts and Cranberry Vinagrette, next the Macadamia Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes on a Basil Blankette - would love to know how they make the "blankette" - so chewy and fun - there is a photo of that...

 Next on the menu AlmondRomesco Dumplings  with Lemon Relish....IMG_6484.jpg
IMG_8078.jpgAnd finally for dessert the decadent Maple Cream Cannoli with Candied Walnuts and Coconut Whipped Cream....
For the piece de resistance - the Paul Morrison Trio for some great jazz - Paul was one of our "Jazzology" guests when he attended Humber and a raw foodist - he works for "Rawlicious" - hopefully he tells me jazz will be a regular thing at this location - which is gorgeous - located at 2122 Bloor Street West - between High Park and Runnymede stations. I am always impressed by the quality of Rawlicious' menu items and kudos to the chef that night who rightfully came out for her acknowledgement. One of my intentions for the New Year is to go raw and what a great way to start. 

I should note that the Kirk MacDonald Jazz Orchestra is on at the Rex this week from Wednesday to Saturday at 9:30 and features the great P.J. Perry alongside many of Canada's finest musicians.