Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet Lester and Billie

Yes, a black coat is always in fashion and we finally succumbed to getting a new feline companion - well actually a brother and sister - kittens of about 3 months from the Toronto Humane Society. It's an unfortunate fact that black cats and kittens are the last to be adopted - so they are having a special "half price" off on adopting until the end of the month - extra incentive for us...

These two called out to be adopted "Billie" was very vocal and climbing the bars of her cage - thus far this afternoon they are tearing around the condo embracing their newfound freedom and entertaining us.."Lester" has a bit longer fur and is a little bigger - he seemed to like to chew on things especially the metal catch on his catch - missing his saxophone mouthpiece?

Lester, just chilling.

Billie standing still for a brief second.
Here's a couple of pics and many thanks to all the great staff and volunteers who helped us at the Toronto Humane Society  - we even got some cat food and a toy to start them off with...kudos...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Belmonte Raw

Boutique Leslieville - Belmonte Raw Finally got over to visit this little jewel box of a restaurant in Leslieville after hearing many rave reviews - it does live up to its' reputation!

On a beautiful sunny Saturday around noonish we splurged for the "full meal deal" with a juice, salad and dessert. The Balance juice was lovely green and refreshing and the "Happiness" - love that name was citrusy (thanks to grapefruit as one of the ingredients) pastel pink and delicious.

It was on to the main event - today's specials were a Sicilian Bean Salad or Madras Curry Wrap or a Beet Slaw - we chose the Madras Curry Wrap and Beet Slaw and were very pleased with both but it sure was a tough choice! The Madras Curry Wrap - oodles of vegetables including peas wrapped in a collard leave - creamy and spicy and complimented by a salad with cashew and dried fruit and curry dressing. The Beet Slaw -shredded spectacularity...
Chocolates - Belmonte Raw
What could possibly be the finale to this meal - Peanut Butter Cups - incredibly rich and decadent - they certainly blow away Reese's or any other facsimile - I think they contain cashews, cocoa butter and or coconut butter with a peanut butter centre - would love to know how to make them.

Now that I have visited it certainly won't be long for the next indulgence. I should mention they do juice cleanses and have ready to go juices and salads. The space is clean, bright and charming - as is the staff!

1022 Queen Street East

It seems this is turning into a food blog - it appears at "Pulp Kitchen" is due to open again soon at a new location - Queen and Broadview...can't wait.

By the way, the Jazz FM cabaret series is announced and I see that one of my favourite singers Miss Halie Loren is coming in October...woo hoo...

Also on this afternoon I paid a visit to the Toronto Humane Society to shop for black cats - they have a campaign on - half price adoption fees because for some weird medieval reason - they are the last to be adopted....many many many choices -so tonight, we'll mull it over - kittens,

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Jazz Jam...more delicious than raspberry or strawberry

Just FYI - new jazz jam in the East End hosted by the lovely and talented Pat Murray.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nail Polish, nosh, new do

Time to write again and catch you up on what I've been up that Jazz Festival is over. I did catch Phil Dwyer and Laila Biali which was great and also Gord Sheard's Brazilian group - fabulous - especially nice seeing Max Senitt on drums! Gord is such a wonderful person, talented musician and composer it's great to see him getting a lot of well deserved attention.

I am feeling much more at peace with my digestion....since I have sacrificed coffee and taken up herbal tea - rooibos, some mate and a lot of Bambu and Teechino..don't miss coffee at all!

Today's baked experiment was gluten free Apricot Almond muffins - pictured on the plate - its' companion treats - my "Nutville" Cookies and Coconut Macaroons...a raw treat...I'm making a lot of raw stuff these days, especially with the weather being hot, hot, hot.

That is my most recent haircut..thanks to the genius that is Sandro at Pop Hair - so cute and cool.

I got some wonderful new teas from Teavana in the mail today - this one is Peach Tranquility - a white tea - also Lavender Dreams, My Morning Mate and Youthberry.

I also found out about another great nail polish and related products called "Keeki - Pure and Simple" - through Meghan Telpner's blog - my fave shade today is "Grasshopper Pie"...they have lots of really fun shades - plus it's free of all the usual scary chemicals...and it's vegan, biodegradable and gluten free....

The softer shade is called "Peach Cobbler"...sweet.

Grasshopper PiePeach Cobbler

P.S. Not sure why part of this post is in italics..oh well...