Monday, September 19, 2011

Raw Aura

It's been too long since I've been to this Port Credit restaurant - I would dearly love to be enough of a
celebrity that I could afford them as my personal chef! Amazing meal - I had a Lemon Meringue smoothie and a Big Salad (the salad was HUGE so I'm having leftovers today) and shared a pizza -  -others had the Burstin Burritos, Falafel wraps. I took some pics - regrettably none of the Chocolate Mint cake - it disappeared too quickly....O. My. God. It was one of the most incredible desserts I've ever had raw or otherwise - a rich chocolate top layer with a creamy decadent middle - cashews and coconut butter I think and a nutty bottom crust...when they say women would take chocolate over sex...this may be what they mean...

It has inspired me for a new commitment to raw since I felt amazing after this lunch. We also visited Hogtown Vegan for dinner on Friday - great comfort food - I had the "Sausage and Biscuits" with gravy and a Caesar side salad and my dining companion the Reuben. This is definitely an indulgence spot - it's a little heavy to eat all the time - in fact we both  felt kind of queasy afterwards..still, it's exciting that a place like this even exists! It was also pretty busy - so that's a great sign.
Counting sleeps to Chicago and the chance to explore that city's musical culinary and architectural delights.
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