Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coming clean

As in making a vow to remove certain things from my diet - i.e. overdosing on sugar and wheat -so, I'm try to eat more raw foods, green juices etc. etc. - so far, so good...of course part of this is wanting to lose weight but also actually to have more energy and feel better - especially during the depths of winter here in T.O. I have also been less than stellar about my vegan diet, so new incentive.

I now have a dehyrdator and so have been making kale chips constantly and have even tried my hand at crackers - next up - some cookies from Diana Stobo - I think they are double chocolate..oops maybe after I have been off sugar for a while.

I have kind of been hibernating of late - doing a lot of reading - both for pleasure and enlightenment - like "Why Meditate" and "Spirit Junkie" - plus the melancholy Swede  - one Kurt Wallender in "The Troubled Man" by Henning Mankell. It's the last book featuring that character. It was an ending for "Chuck" this week...sniff, sniff - I will miss everyone at the cool is it that "Jeffster" saved the day? LOL.
I noticed they slipped in another Canadianism in a previous episode Lester (Vikay Patel - who IS Canadian)          was asked by Casey to do something for his country and he replied "Canada"? So then they showed him suited up with "O Canada" playing...too funny!

Jazzwise - there will be a "retirement" party on February 1st at the Rex for Katie Malloch - the much loved jazz host on CBC - the band looks incredible - Don Thompson, Mike Murley, Barry Elmes, Reg Schwager, Mark Eisenman and Diana Panton on vocals!

And it that wasn't enough in jazz riches - why the Daniel Jamieson Quintet is on at 9:30!
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