Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My friend Ailsa

Although spring is a long time coming these days...there was a glimpse of it in my advance copy of my dear friend Ailsa McCreary's upcoming release. It's fantastic! I'm listening as I type. Musicians such as Mark Kieswetter, Ross McIntyre, Rod West, Adrean Farrugia and singers Coleman Tinsley, Sophia Perlman and Beverly Taft are featured. Ailsa does a charming duet with Coleman on Hoagy Carmichael's "Two Sleepy People" and a sultry version of "Lulu's Back in Town" and that's just a sampling

The sound is crisp and clean but warm and inviting like a being wrapped in a cozy blanket of song.

You will have to celebrate on June 4th at the Jazz Bistro - that's the CD launch. See you there.

Congratulations Miss Ailsa!!
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