Friday, May 10, 2013

Yup, Gators.

A seemingly tranquil and innocuous pond..
Well on our final full day in Florida we decided we needed to see some of the many alligators - so it was off to venture into the Everglades National Park. F admitted he was a little afraid they might attack us..since there were all these warning notices to stay 15 feet away from them etc. Apparently they may look like sluggish logs but they can move when they are hungry...yikes.

Alligator..where you at baby?

We were not disappointed we did see a number of them and they are definitely far enough away - there is a series of raised boardwalks so I wasn't concerned. There were also numerous other people who looked like much more satisfying entrees.

En route we picked up some fruit at a market - grapefruit, oranges and mango. I did want to try to sapodilla - but we didn't have time left in Florida for it to ripe. Guess I will need to search that out in Kensington.

Back in the car it was time to check out the famous Coral Castle. This tourist attraction for many decades was created by one small man, Edward Leedskalnin sometimes working at night moving huge blocks of coral. Eerie. He also lived on the premises. Some say it was his lasting tribute to a lost love - seems she had second thoughts about marrying him many years ago in Latvia. His life's obsession took some 28 years to complete.

We had a great tour guide who told us all kinds of great stories. Ed was a one man operation - he would greet people and charge them 10 cents - a lot of money in the depression and then give them a tour. Even having storytelling sessions for the local kiddies. He did all his cooking and even had a bathtub warmed by the sun. It's quite a marvel that this 5 foot tall slender fellow created all this! Did he know the secret of the building of the pyramids? Did he have supernatural powers or just a very strong will? Go visit and find out!

Our last meal in Florida was at
It was fabulous! We had a great fresh juice and  a delicious entree, - the "Mental Lentil Wrap" - wish i had taken a picture. There were lots of raw food choices on the menu  too bad we didn't have more time as I would have returned here! Especially to try out one of their yummy looking desserts. Oh well, next time! 
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