Monday, February 3, 2014



There's a new veg restaurant on College just west of Spadina...just north of Kensington Market. Yes, you guessed it - it's called "Grasshopper", run by two George Brown grads...that's how we found out about of our dinner guests last Friday (Sara) is a culinary instructor at GBC.  She was encouraging us to check out this little spot, newly opened as of Saturday.

In fact, they announce that they are doing a "trial opening" on their after some shopping in Kensington  I couldn't resist partaking of some lunch. They are open from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. and have a succinct menu for now as they work things out - salads, comfort food like burgers and quinoa mac and cheese, soups...I was told I must sample the Vietnamese "Pulled Pork" Banh Mi  so  I did and it was yummy.
IMG_1723.jpgAs you can see it came with a side salad and I chose the kale version over a basic green - you can also get fries of course. Served on the traditional bun it's sweet and sour, chewy and crunchy with some marinated carrots and cabbage and radish I believe..this could be addictive.
I also tried some deliciously simple kale chips - made with salt and olive oil. Basic but tasty.

Here is the interior of the restaurant - clean and can't see the wooden bar along the opposite wall - let's hope it's filled with hungry people.

A great addition to the neighbourhood. 310 College Street.

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