Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Art of Jazz Festival

I had a great time both volunteering and spectating at the festival this weekend. Loved, loved, loved the Hermeto Pascoal concert on Saturday night...he is so delightful - a 5 year old in a 72 year old's body...everything is a constant source of wonder to him. My brother Colin was in the Art of Jazz Orchestra and said the charts were "challenging". I was talking to drummer Terry Clarke and he said it was as much about being " in the show" as "watching the show". Hermeto is a multi-instrumentalist, which includes keyboards, a teakettle and some interesting "mouth piano"...that's the only way I can describe it. Jovinho Santos Neto conducted the orchestra wonderfully and did some playing himself. I didn't get to Sheila Jordan's workshop or concert but said hello to her...she is wonderful! Egberto Gismonti on Sunday night was a showcase of collaborators including Don Thompson and Art of Jazz' director Jane Bunnett. I am so looking forward to Rochester's festival next week. I called their office yesterday because I was having trouble buying a ticket for Boz Scaggs online....Well, I was expecting an office assistant to answer the phone...BUT the Festival Director did!!! Then he patched me through on a conference call to the box office, once I told him I was from Toronto and arranged the best possible mezzanine ticket for be picked up. I like this festival already....can't wait for all the great music and checking out Rochester.....
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