Sunday, July 20, 2008

Beaches at Woodbine

Well, as usual it was a treat to hear Odessa/Havana and things weatherwise actually cooled off a bit and the rain held off...which was great...the small embankment next to the stage provided some amphitheatre seating Also listened to some of Roxanne Potvin....crowds were small but I'm sure that it was due to a) Friday night and b) not many people knowing about the location... Minor complaint...sound bleed between the two stages, but I'm sure that will be worked took a few attempts at the Edmonton Folk Fest years ago.... Chatted with Bill King, pianist/producer/photographer extraordinaire...always a pleasure and I sincerely hope this catches on as a venue as it's a lovely park. Who knew I would be tempted by linens? I bought sheets, 400 thread count for $33! Then I was talked into going over to Harbourfront to check out the Iranian Festival...alas, we had read the wrong date/time for a performance and missed the one that was actually matter...a chance to purchase some Persian pastries and treats and catch up on her trip to Montreal Jazz Fest with my charming friend Christina at a conveniently located Starbucks down the block on Lakeshore.... Lettuce harvest yesterday, shoring up tomatoes, reading and not much else this weekend other than getting very wet on the Liberty Market was worth it for the delicious fresh berries, cherries, corn, plums, peas and tomatoes... And now to get centred/inspired by Wayne Dyer...practice meditating and being Zen....
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