Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot Jazz...literally

Well, actually hot sticky I have experienced this week...went to see Monsoon at the Rex...sounding great as always...but found myself nodding off/not being able to concentrate due to the oppressive heat... And so, glutton for punishment that I am....going down to the Beaches event at Woodbine Park to hear Odessa/Havana, and of course, Max Senitt...hopefully there will be some lake effect.... I do feel mildly cooler after practicing some "cooling" Hatha Yoga yesterday and getting a haircut from the fabulous Sandro at Wax Hairdressing... Don't know what my jazz plans are otherwise...tempted to see Richard Underhill at the Rex this weekend...but at the same time remember it is like a sauna/steam room there.... Looking forward to hearing Dan Jamieson's big band on the 23rd...he has some great people working with him and is leaving in the fall for NY....Toronto's loss...NY's gain! I'll report later on how this went. Can't believe my niece is getting married next weekend! My little Meredith...whom I used to babysit....she has a wonderful husband to be in Nathan though and they will set out to Sheffield England in the fall for a new adventure..
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