Monday, August 8, 2011

Day trip

Yesterday was getting out of the city for a fun day trip - headed out to Halton Hills with the end goal being a hike around Crawford Lake. It's so gorgeous right now with all the greenery...Our first stop was the Cheltenham Badlands - it's sort of a man made Badlands due to erosion from unsuccessful farming around the turn of the 20th century - you can still see some apple trees around the's a photo.....

We then got waylaid - in a good way by a stop at Spirit Tree Cidery - we couldn't resist the roadside sign and the promise of not only cider but Wood Fired Oven bakery goodies - in fact we bought 3 loaves of bread - one of which was an Apple baguette - chewy and delicious plus some raw chocolate bars made in Georgetown - Giddy YoYo. There was a well stocked shop with lots of gourmet goodies including a take out area which had a variety of salads, cheeses and pies.

One of the plants on our walk...don't know what those blue berries are..


By the time we got to Crawford Lake the heat of the day had lessened a bit and in our travels on a trail up to the Lookout we spied some Turkey Vultures resting....

Afterwards it was off to dinner at the Naked Sprout in Burlington....this is the Tempeh Reuben


And this the pizza....


We also discovered a great spot near Georgetown called William's Mill - a collective of artists workshops and a gallery - glass, stone sculpture, fabric, paintings - a lovely spot...also a village named Terra Cotta - I see why people like to live out this way - it would be a great spot as an artist/artisan/ get inspiration from...
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