Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spring Fling

Yes, we can dream can't we.? And yes, that isn't a typo
that is my name on the poster with that illustrious group - I have committed to singing a number...gulp. Exciting stuff and I'm very grateful to Julie McGregor, the organizer and a fine vocalist and artist to boot.  As you can see on the bill are Maureen Kennedy (one of my fave people), Laura Marks, Neil Kristian Parent and jazz poet Chris Hercules - accompanied by the legendary Norm Amadio and bassist extraordinaire Duncan Hopkins...

Mark the date - March 10th at Trane Studio..8 p.m., $15 Cover - I believe I have the link to Trane on the right side of my blog..if not I will put it there.

Saw two wonderful movies over the season - the delightful "The Artist" a homage to the silent film era - it's a silent film and I bet you are saying "Subtitles? Is she kidding me"? Trust me you'll be totally engrossed - the leads are wonderful Jean Dujardin as Georges Valentin and Berenice Bejo as ingenue Peppy Miller. Charming.

The other movie selection was more traditional Hollywood seasonal blockbuster - the action packed "Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol"...will have you on the edge of your seat - particularly the scenes on the side of the hotel in Dubai..yikes.

What am I doing New Year's Eve? Well, there will be jazz involved and also delicious food at the new Rawlicious on Bloor (2122 Bloor Street West)...a great way to usher in the New Year, a five course meal and jazz...will post pics later.
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