Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nail Polish, nosh, new do

Time to write again and catch you up on what I've been up that Jazz Festival is over. I did catch Phil Dwyer and Laila Biali which was great and also Gord Sheard's Brazilian group - fabulous - especially nice seeing Max Senitt on drums! Gord is such a wonderful person, talented musician and composer it's great to see him getting a lot of well deserved attention.

I am feeling much more at peace with my digestion....since I have sacrificed coffee and taken up herbal tea - rooibos, some mate and a lot of Bambu and Teechino..don't miss coffee at all!

Today's baked experiment was gluten free Apricot Almond muffins - pictured on the plate - its' companion treats - my "Nutville" Cookies and Coconut Macaroons...a raw treat...I'm making a lot of raw stuff these days, especially with the weather being hot, hot, hot.

That is my most recent haircut..thanks to the genius that is Sandro at Pop Hair - so cute and cool.

I got some wonderful new teas from Teavana in the mail today - this one is Peach Tranquility - a white tea - also Lavender Dreams, My Morning Mate and Youthberry.

I also found out about another great nail polish and related products called "Keeki - Pure and Simple" - through Meghan Telpner's blog - my fave shade today is "Grasshopper Pie"...they have lots of really fun shades - plus it's free of all the usual scary chemicals...and it's vegan, biodegradable and gluten free....

The softer shade is called "Peach Cobbler"...sweet.

Grasshopper PiePeach Cobbler

P.S. Not sure why part of this post is in italics..oh well...
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