Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet Lester and Billie

Yes, a black coat is always in fashion and we finally succumbed to getting a new feline companion - well actually a brother and sister - kittens of about 3 months from the Toronto Humane Society. It's an unfortunate fact that black cats and kittens are the last to be adopted - so they are having a special "half price" off on adopting until the end of the month - extra incentive for us...

These two called out to be adopted "Billie" was very vocal and climbing the bars of her cage - thus far this afternoon they are tearing around the condo embracing their newfound freedom and entertaining us.."Lester" has a bit longer fur and is a little bigger - he seemed to like to chew on things especially the metal catch on his catch - missing his saxophone mouthpiece?

Lester, just chilling.

Billie standing still for a brief second.
Here's a couple of pics and many thanks to all the great staff and volunteers who helped us at the Toronto Humane Society  - we even got some cat food and a toy to start them off with...kudos...
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