Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maple Ki Forest Lodge

Just got back from a lovely excursion to Maple Ki Forest Spirit Waters - a wonderful retreat on Cade Lake near Tamworth - some 2 1/2 hours east of Toronto. We were welcomed by our lovely host Julianna Norrie and her mother Mary and a great feeling of tranquility and ease.

The lake is quiet - only one other resident (aside from the beavers, frogs and birds) and NO motors! It's some 60 feet deep so provides wonderful clean drinking water as well as great fish habitat and great opportunity to swim, canoe, kayak and paddle boat - I did three of those activities.

IHow lovely an opportunity to practise yoga with Julianna at 8 a.m. -  outdoors looking over the lake. She is certainly a testament to living there - positively glowing. This is her eleventh year at this location - she was near Wiarton in a previous incarnation.

Fraser sporting the de rigeur bug hat to keep out nasty deer flies...

One of the meals....

At the table in good company..

Of course we enjoyed some delicious meals - vegan for us and veg for the other two couples - most often featuring a grain like quinoa, millet  or rice and beans or lentils - in our cases spicy black beans and curry lentils and steamed greens and veggies plus a salad. Breakfast one morning was leftover porridge sauteed in coconut oil - a kind of pancake if you will - there is always lots of fresh fruit and topping and breads for toasting. One night we even had some yummy tapioca - that was a special treat as Julianna was trying to avoid sugar and desserts. .

I indulged in a shiatsu massage which was wonderful  and other treatments such as aromatherapy and reflexology are available - highly recommended.

Conversations were great and lively plus there is a lot of opportunity to just relax and read a good book.

So if you would like a healthy, rejuvenating and relaxing get away - I suggest you check it out...


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