Thursday, February 7, 2013

Carissa Kimbell"

I got the opportunity to hear this fine vocalist and graduate of Mohawk and "Jazzology" on Tuesday night. She was performing with Victor Vrankulj and Christopher Platt on bass and guitar respectively, at the Reservoir Lounge. Victor and Chris are also "Jazzology" guests.

I hope to hear more of Carissa here in Toronto. She is currently living in Hamilton - so all of you Hamiltonians - go out and hear her where you can. She not only has a lovely rich milk chocolate voice - the girl also knows about the importance of presentation - sporting a red blossom in her curly locks and a strapless black and white polka dot dress, little black sparkly shrug and matching black and white pumps.

Among the highlights of her sets a "mashup" of "One Love" and "Put Your Records On" and a lovely "It Never Entered My Mind". Did I mention she has a charming stage presence? Should have brought my iphone for photos!
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