Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black Coffee

6946300776_91c64853af_b.jpgNo not a food post but check out the arrangement of that famous standard as interpreted by Joanne Weaver. It's dreamy, languid  cool and spacey - it kind of puts me in mind of "Twin Peaks" in a good way. Love the glamourous retro photo - like you might encounter her in a little smoky boite in Paris. In that vein, also check out "Ne Me Quitte Pas" one of the most achingly beautiful tunes ever.

 So have a damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of pie on me.

On another note, I got to hear an amazing score by Andrew Downing for the silent film "Maciste in Hell" last night at U of T. The score was performed by graduate students and was amazing! I hope that TIFF does more of its screenings with live music again...

Mike Murley's undergrad ensemble was also stellar....warming sounds for a very wet evening.
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