Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mary Coin and A Beautiful Truth

Just finished this amazing novel which examines the (fictionalized) lives of subject and photographer of this iconic Depression era photograph taken by real life photographer Dorothea Lange. It was riveting - I couldn't put it down and that says something to me as a reader. It travels from turn of the century Oklahoma to modern day California - to the modern day descendent of this migrant mother.

The second book is equally riveting. Colin McAdam's "A Beautiful Truth" tells the heart wrenching story of Walter and Judy Ripke,a childless couple who decides to fill their void by acquiring a chimpanzee - with tragic results. Paralleling their story is the saga of the lives of captive chimpanzees at a research facility in Florida - partly told through their unique voices. Utterly compelling, disturbing and poignant.

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