Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caught in a Cyclone

It was a little "Wizard of Oz" on the way back from Kensington Market yesterday around 5 p.m. After grocery shopping and lovely early dinner at "King's Cafe" - newly renovated and beautifully serene and spare - yummy sushi, steamed barbecue bun and something called "Zen Bars" which were these amazing concoctions - like spring rolls with more of a long cylinder shape each end dipped in black sesame seeds and filled with TVP and veggies...yum! I also picked up some of their lovely black tea with rose essence.
I could see a storm was imminent as I approached Bathurst - very nasty looking clouds - and lo and behold just as I was approaching King from Tecumseh this huge wind came up and nearly swept me off my feet. Everyone was taken aback by the wind which was creating dust devils and swirling mini tornadoes of garbage/litter.
(Image from Wikipedia)
It was quite interesting to watch the wind and dust stirred up from my view on the 9th floor, and the beautiful scary cloud cover...then the rain came...I do like storms from the safety of the indoors.
This week I am trying a spring detox - so no food just water today until dinner - then fruit - then raw fruits/veggies for the week - no nuts etc. - which could be challenging - we shall see how it goes..
As of yet no jazz plans but I will report on what I hear about/go and see..fundraising is still going on remember or 1-800-811-2400 to keep jazz on the air!
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