Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lunch at Karine's by Maggie on McCaul..

There is a little known spot in a food court for great vegetarian/vegan food. The Village on the Grange shops is across the street from the AGO,on Dundas and harbours a vast food court with numerous food options, including good ones for the veggies - I already had a yummy roti at the Island Foods kiosk - I also visit the one at King and Dufferin.
You are assured a warm and enthusiastic welcome from the proprietor herself. In fact, now I know why the food seems so delicious and familiar - she and her family operated Maggie's on College and I believe another location on Yonge and Eglinton for many years and perfected the Mediterranean breakfast and one of my favourites - the Vegan French Toast. Maggie assured us since we were "first timers" at her new location she would select a variety of things for our veg platter - delicious marinated mushrooms, a wonderful tomato eggplant dish, a veggie burger, pesto crusted tofu, a green salad and sliced fruit.
She rushed over to clear off the tables - in a food court mind you!! When our "first course" arrived it was presented on china plates - no styrofoam - they are working towards being completely green by Earth Day she explained. How amazing to be so royally treated and cascaded with endearments - ( some critic on Trip Advisor - said the experience was "creepy" - I mean I ask you what kind of curmudgeon do you have to be?).
Next "course" - the french toast, again presented with fruit, sprinklings of syrup and cocoa...and then we were stuffed - but in a good way - full of good vibes and food.
By the way, speaking of good vibes, had a great time working for Jalanna of Soul Symbols jewellery at the Yoga Show yesterday- many beautiful pieces and she is a lovely person in spirit and form. I got to "display" on my person a lovely chakra necklace which represented all the appropriate healing stones for each of the 7 chakras and a crystal pendant.
There was even a veg food area..nice!
Her site is, but it hasn't been updated in a while and doesn't feature any of the other beautiful necklaces and earrings she has made with rose quartz, laboradoriate, lapis lazuli, citrine among others....
I met many people including visitors from the U.S. who came up for the You Can Do It show...unfortunately not Wayne Dyer...but maybe next time. A couple of ladies said they were volunteers - so that's something to look they got all the CD's and DVDs from the scheduled speakers...
Om and Namaste.
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