Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fern's CD release tonight at Lula - with a great band including Mike Murley, George Koller and Nick Fraser - I'm writing about it for the Purple Cabbage.... otherwise I would be up at China House to hear the Tom Szcsesniak Quartet.

Yes, hopeless sap and slave to current events that I am I will too be watching the royal nuptials - albeit taped as I have a Boot Camp class at the ungodly hour of 6:30 - however there will be souls awake before then to catch Wills and Kate and all the folderal...

P.J. Perry - one of my favourite saxophonists - has a gig at the Royal York Road United Church on Sunday - $20 - fundraising for the church's outreach programs. Just a short walk south from the Royal York subway and a great band including Neils Swainson, John Sumner and Mark Eisenman on piano.

Very blustery here today - quite an adventure getting to and from the station - I felt like Bridget Jones after her car ride...

I am seriously considering a spring cleanse of sorts as of May 1st - more juices, smoothies, raw - and getting sugar and junk out including excess fat.

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