Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Yes, I am such a girl - I did have to get up early for a Boot Camp class but caught some of the events and of course, taped them - beautiful dress - much in the spirit of Princess Grace - one of my faves.  Most beautiful the glances and smiles between the couple conveying a sense of comfort with each other and intimacy. Plus, they kissed twice on the balcony. Loved all the little girls and boys as well -too cute. Plus the stirring hymn "Jerusalem" which always gives me shivers thanks to Edward Elgar's music and William Blake's words

Prince Phillip seemed to enjoy himself immensely and Prince Harry...they were standing next to Pippa - Kate's sister. I couldn't help thinking as many I'm sure were - including William himself - wouldn't it have been wonderful for his mum to see..sniff sniff...yes, I was tearing up as I noticed Kate's mum was as well. A perfect day - the sun even appeared!

Many years of happiness to you both.
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