Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TheRecord - Jazz society finds a home in Huether Hotel

TheRecord - Jazz society finds a home in Huether Hotel - interesting article - which does mention my old stomping grounds - the Yardbird.

I have been saying for a while now as many others have - do the Yardbird Suite model - a volunteer run, non profit jazz club, selling memberships and getting funding - particularly government - not the music as an afterthought or usually as a last ditch effort to bring in customers. As I noticed and certainly others have - jazz people are not huge drinkers - so if that is what you're hoping for - selling food and drink good luck. I think it's time for Toronto to get creative....we need a place for our great local musicians to play - especially the younger crowd, where they paid decently and get to hear and collaborate with great international artists...all in an environment that promotes the love and appreciation of jazz.

Congratulations to the Grand River Jazz Society! Woo hoo.
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