Saturday, July 9, 2011

Playing catch up

Yes, I was one of the fortunate ones to see Hugh Jackman's show at the Princess of Wales this past week - in a word, incredible. Not only is a talented singer and dancer, he is also funny, self-deprecating, kind and good at improv - witness the young lady in jeans and flip flops who became his partner onstage - and the envy of every woman in the place...he's a class act - reports my brother, who is part of the orchestra for this show...Hugh does songs from "Carousel" from old movie musicals like "Singin' in the Rain", a moving "Over the Rainbow", a little Elvis.."A Little Less Conversation" and an homage to Peter Allen - whose portrayal brought him a Tony Award.

Haven't been jazzing much this week - went to the lovely tribute for Dave McMurdo on Monday - so many musicians in the room including John MacLeod and Barry Elmes, Carol McCartneyNorman Marshall Villeneuve, Phil Nimmons...what a great way to remember this giant of jazz in Canada. I only stayed for the first set, because I was feeling a little overheated- always the peril of the Rex in summer....

If you want to really make a contribution to Dave's legacy go online to and make a gift for a deserving student in his memory.

Checked out a new (to me) restaurant in the hood - perhaps I don't know about it because it's only open on weekends - The Raging Spoon on Queen West  - they have vegan options and are a non-profit. They also rent out space and cater...I had the Tofu Po'Boy - scrumptious - with a side of potatoes and slaw and a Berry Limeade - perfect! They have some funky retro furnishings too...I'll be Mr. S says...IMG_5532.jpg

Also succumbed to Fresh Collective as I usually do - so many pretty items and talented artisans - PLUS of course, they are all made here!! Got some "Sugar Rush" jewellery and another couple of dresses - one by Desserts and Skirts and the other another "goddess" dress this time in a print by Samantha a cute bejewelled bracelet by  Elementals Jewellery by Kelly Kan - who was great with helping me out in the store and has been in the past - I have some copper rings earrings with a peachy crystal that I love...she makes some lovely beaded pearl necklaces and braclets by the way. Her website is now there are these fab clutches by Guy Latulippe too cute - plus they are non-leather...gee this is turning into a fashion blog....There are two other locations of Fresh Collective - one in Kensington on Augusta and the latest on Roncesvalles.

The (Ultra Fabulous) Shield ClutchThe (Ultra Fabulous) Shield Clutch Gorgeous, non? And so fun...lots of room to put stuff when it folds out...comes in some great shades like pewter and burgundy....and it's called the "Ultra Fabulous Shield Clutch"..don't you love it?

I realized that although I do love "Anthropologie" designs - they are 1. usually too small - size 2 and 4 and 2. made somewhere overseas like India or China, where I'm sure they're not being paid properly or treated kindly and 3 - they are usually WAY overpriced. So I would prefer to support locally made and created items when I can - not to mention - they are unique.

IMG_4207.jpgIMG_6636.jpgThese are Sugar rush earrings and necklace..delish!IMG_5000.jpg. And a "Desserts and Skirts" dress below....
To start my day had a lovely yoga session downstairs on the lawn...ahhh...even the Indy is not being obnoxious for some reason time...some music....Carol McCartney is appearing at the last jazz for China House this coming Thursday - I'm sure the place will be packed.
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