Sunday, July 3, 2011


IMG_6465.jpgCanada Day fireworks - as always a great show...there were also musical fireworks throughout the festival - I have been neglecting posting here as I have been busy going to shows and volunteering.  Two highlights - last night at Quotes - Gord Sheard's Brazilian Experience with guest Bill McBirnie - Fay Olson hints that may be on the agenda for fall - Saturday night a la Brazil.

Fab show from Branford Marsalis and Joey Calderazzo - check out the Jazz FM website for that info and my write up....also caught some of the Basie band - swinging, the Heavyweights and Dee Dee Bridgewater.

More shots from Canada Day:


Fireworks of the jewellery variety - discovered LAG concepts as one of the vendors - Loni Goudreau's work is gorgeous - very organic, flowing, feminine and in some cases are some pearl and Swarovski sparklers:

IMG_0587.jpg These earrings put me in mind or coral - they use cat's eye beads...she even has some selections on her website that are called "Atlantic Kelp"...just my Type 2 sensibility - flowing, elegant, soft.

She also has some amazing brooches- lifelike lilies, heather, roses - hair ornaments, statement necklaces and even centrepieces for weddings - so you could really sing "baby, you're my Centrepiece".  I can think of a few  performers her pieces would look stunning on....You can even "rent" pieces... - she is also on Facebook .
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