Friday, February 10, 2012


And I certainly was. Young Ben after suffering the untimely loss of his librarian mother in Minnesota and the loss of his hearing embarks on a journey to find his father and his roots in New York. The story also juxtaposes the story of young Rose, daughter of a silent movie star and deaf herself plus cabinets or boxes of wonders, the Museum of Natural History, dioramas and serendipity. Charming and heartwarming.

I was also wonderstruck at the launch of the Holistic Vanity line by Kristen Ma of Pure and Simple fame. There were anti inflammatory snacks and teas courtesy of David's. Her informative and casual talk at the Bata Shoe Museum was all about calming the skin - as a sensitive sister I can relate. Most specifically addressing rosacea - what it is, how to deal with it - including cooling foods - especially from an Ayurvedic perspective - plus provided travel size samples of the new product - just in time for my Texas trip. There were also prize draws and a few lucky people took home goodies like cosmetics from Jane Iredale, the Holistic Vanity line, Zip Car memberships and yoga wear from One Tooth.  I already love the Camellia Oil. Can't wait to try the rest - especially since the spa is located a little too conveniently downstairs in my building :)

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