Monday, February 27, 2012

Help Ori Dagan finish his CD!

If you have a few dollars or better yet a few  hundred or thousand dollars to spare - vocalist Ori Dagan could certainly use your help to finish his latest CD. The CD, which features the talents of Mark Kieswetter on piano, Jordon O'Connor on bass,  Nick Fraser on drums and guests Chris Gale on sax, Eric St. Laurent on guitar and Ross McIntyre and extra special guest - Juno award winner Jane Bunnett.

The CD is entitled "Less than Three" and is set to launch at the Al Green Theatre on Saturday April 28th. There are also bonuses involved for your contributions including a CD, VIP tickets to the launch and even Ori's paintings...not to mention a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

To help finance this worthy project go to this address:

Thank you for supporting Canada's jazz talent!
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