Friday, November 2, 2012

London Part 2

Saturday and time for some shopping - we headed to the Portobello Road market - no need to ask where it was, just follow the massive crowds from the Tube, out to enjoy a sunny day..

I bought a couple of gifts, some lovely earrings and mostly enjoyed all the booths and stalls

We also ate some great veg takeout at a place along route..called the Grain Shop, nowhere to sit but they told us we could go a couple of doors down to the Mau Mau bar and eat, which we did.

Satiated, it was time to do more sightseeing...

After getting off a nearby tube stop, we wandered through Trafalgar Square..I think there was some sort of Japanese related celebration going on..

I think there was some kind of scavenger hunt going on...these contestants were dressed as Waldo.

Ah the famous Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. We did try to go and see Westminster Abbey, however it  closes early on Sunday and we couldn't make it around the building as there was some demonstration going on and we were turned back with countless other tourists by police.

A visit to Liz's humble abode...

The park area around there is lovely...St. James? I have never seen so many unusual waterfowl...including this duck called a "coot" with reptile like feet...

Then it was off to check out the Churchill War Rooms - fascinating! The place is pretty much preserved as it was at the end of World War II. You learn about Churchill  - there is a whole area dedicated to his life and the brave men and women who lived underground and helped plan the defeat of Hitler. Inspiring - especially the video interviews with staff, one woman described the unpredicitability of leaving your street in the morning and not knowing if anything was going to be there when you returned home..

After another full day we had dinner chez nous with some items picked up at Alara Health Foods and a bottle of wine from the Sainsbury's in the mall.

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