Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More London!

Sunday in Hyde Park - with many many Londoners..I think there was some kind of fitness event going on - we were the beneficiaries we had a lovely takeaway lunch of raw food and ate on the grass while people and  duck watching...

That morning we had gorged ourselves on decorative arts at the Victoria and Albert Museum including fashions through the ages and a bit of  a peek at a special Gowns Exhibit...

Fraser was especially amused at all the signage and the wording on signs everywhere - but it is actually smart and a kindness to post these on the roads for us hapless tourists used to people being on the right side of the road..

It was a cool but sunny day to enjoy Hyde Park and it's many features..including of course the Princess Diana memorial fountain..which several children were enjoying - just as she would have wanted it!

 One of the many lovely swans and other waterfowl...
It was interesting seeing all these birds perched in a row on the posts.

 An Italian Garden...

There is even horseback riding in the very British.
 And of course the famous Speaker's Corner...seemed to be somewhat sparsely populated that day..

Our bucolic meanderings finished it was time for more culture - in the form on the British Museum...

Again Fraser was amused at the long list of rules posted on the gate.

Here is the legendary Rosetta Stone a major breakthrough in deciphering the mysterious code of Egyptian hieroglyphics..

 And of course the former Elgin Marbles - not sure what they are calling these magnificent reliefs and sculptures that were um, liberated from the Parthenon a couple of centuries back and Greece has been trying to get their return for almost as long. Still, I think they may also have been saved from the wear and tear and pollution and acid rain. They are an amazing sight to behold.

I might also mention that as in most British museums they have an amazing gift shop.

After a busy day a relaxing evening at Studios 2 Let and some of our leftover salads purchased at the Borough Market supplemented by food from the Health Food Store and red wine from stop shopping. The next installment - a visit to the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery, Hampton Court and Ronnie Scott's.

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