Monday, August 25, 2008

John and Don and tons of tomatoes

This is my dear friend John Stowell from Portland Oregon on guitar with the amazing Reg Schwager on guitar, legendary Don Thompson and fabulous Terry Clarke on drums. They were performing at Chalkers last night. John is staying with us here in Toronto. I have known him for about 15 years...time flies! He and Bruce Phares a wonderful bass player and all around fun guy used to stay with us during the Jazz City festival in Edmonton and I always, always looked forward to their visits...kind of like Santa Claus. John is also here also for the MIAC show. He enjoyed wandering around Kensington market on Saturday and we had a lovely lunch at Hibiscus a great little vegetarian cafe which serves tasty and varied salads, vegan crepes and delicious vegan ice cream (pistachio is my favourite). John heads out tomorrow but hopefully he will be back soon...he hinted he would like to play the Vegetarian Food Fair next year....! And speaking of vegetables...ahem..this is our current tomato crop and they keep coming... There was a garden clean up this weekend and a lot of the weeds around the plot were removed as were a number of spider residences...when I went to the garden this morning though the resilient spiders had re-built! Go spiders!! I also scored some lovely yellow peppers courtesy of Tony our intrepid gardening enthusiast. Mille grazie!
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