Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tequila Bookworm

Kudos to Steve Ward for programming this cozy spot on Queen West with jazz.. Last night I saw Robin Jessome (trombone), Dan Fortin (bass) and Jesse Capon (drums)...and they sounded great....not doing the usual same old standards...which are lovely, but sometimes overworked...they played some Sun Ra and "Inchworm" to name but two tunes.... Of course, as always, more bodies in the audience would help. Robin is one of our former "Jazzology" guests and attends U of T. Tonight is Mike Ruby's quartet - which I'm anticipating. I caught him last week sitting in with Daniel Jamieson at Dominion on Queen. Joining him will be Pascal Leboeuf (NY) on piano, Dan Fortin again on bass and Adam Arruda..soon to be at the Brubeck Institute in California. Mike is also at the Rex tomorrow for the 9:30 show with the LeBoeuf brothers and Adam Arruda. I'll let you know how it goes tonight. Saw "Get Smart" today...a very enjoyable summer flick and I always like seeing Steve Carrell in action...:) On the weekend finally got to see "Dark Knight" and it sure is intense!! Heath Ledger of course gives a great performance...it's sad that it was his last...
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