Friday, August 29, 2008

Ashkenaz, oy!

Good music is good music. I had a delightful time grooving to Abraham Inc. last night at Harbourfront. An interesting fusion of funk and klezmer performed by kickass musicians, lead by David Krakauer on clarinet, SoCalled (aka Josh Dolgin) rapping and keyboards and funkmeister Fred Wesely on trombone. A big hit with the audience...the rain held off long enough for everyone to enjoy the performance. There was even a call for rappers in the audience and Junior T who happened to be strolling by, provided rhymes from the audience. Treat number two. Love her hair!! I had the pleasure of meeting Dganit Daddo or just Daddo as she is professionally known and her accompanist Youval Keydar at the airport yesterday. While driver Rick Campbell, a stellar actor whom I saw in Video Cabaret's "Saskatchewan", waited nearby I proceeded to wait for about an hour until Customs and Immigration were finally through. The duo were lovely people in spite of a long flight from Tel Aviv via Rome. They were looking forward to a Canadian yesterday was cool and raining. Having visited here before in March and December. I assured them the weekend would be better. You can catch them at the Toronto Star Stage on September 1 at 6 p.m. at Harbourfront or at the Sephardic Cafe at 11 p.m at the Lakeside Terrace. To combine two great pleasures, they are also performing at the Free Times Cafe on Sunday, August 31 from 12 -3 at the "Bella, did you eat brunch?" I'm looking forward to more great music over the weekend at Ashkenaz...
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