Monday, June 6, 2011

This Just In - some music, a little compassion

A couple of musical happenings this week - tomorrow many of my favourite people at Tranzac - Dan Jamieson is in town and is joining forces with Ben Dietschi on saxophone, Mark Segger on drums, Todd Pentney on piano, Justin Gray on bass - great band!

Also on Wednesday night Rochester's own, vocalist Madeleine Forster is in town at the Rex for the 9:30 show - I'll be there...

Had a jazzy weekend  starting on Thursday by dropping in to hear Dan, Bernie and Pat at Azure with our friends from the west - Monique and her sister Colette - Monique is coming to Rochester for the festival too!  Checked out the Jive Bombers at the Rex in the early evening Friday - Bob Brough, Alex Dean, Del Dako, Gord Sheard..etc. etc and Chuck Jackson on guest vocals. Then hung out at C'est What on Front for Del Dako's group on Saturday afternoon - after that crazy rainstorm in the morning.

Getting ready for Rochester.

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't remind you this is Compassion Week as brought to you by the Toronto Vegetarian Assocation - a hang on Thursday with music and art at the Compassion Cafe at T.A.N. cafe on Baldwin with the wonderful Larra Skye  and an opportunity to meet cookbook author and inspiration Colette Patrick Goudreau on Saturday starting at 9 a.m. at the Wychwood Barns - that's the Compassion Marketplace - lots of things to eat, purchase, learn about and get

I still need to check out the Hot Beans place in Kensington - they have donuts - mmmmm do-nuts..that's my channelling Homer Simpson....also apparently Sadie's is opening up a satellite location in my favourite shopping area - serving juices and stuff - not the full service, but still!! Kensington is certainly veg central or as I sometimes refer to it the "veg ghetto". :)

I like the artwork a lot for all of TVA's promos these days...
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