Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blink and you may have missed it...

I got the opportunity for a few minutes of fame last night while volunteering at the Jazz FM booth at the Jazz Festival - Ross encouraged me to talk about my blog and myself with Brad during his show. It's a good thing it was impromptu - it meant I just went with the flow and didn't have time to analyze. I chatted about my Rochester visit and what i was seeing at the Toronto Fest and why I'm a part of Jazz FM - easy, I love the music, the people, the's family.

I think it went pretty well, actually - managing to sound articulate and not being dead air...hope to do it again sometime - thanks guys!

Did stick it out for Aretha but heard she was great - tonight may try and catch the Average White Band and at the Distillery - a free show from Les Doigts de L'Homme - whom I missed in Rochester..tomorrow Murley's group is on at the "Afterwork" stage at 5:30 and Bernie Senensky's Moe Koffman tribute at noon in the David Pecaut Square - I'm really liking that venue.
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