Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tree of Life

Prepare yourself for an incredible visual experience - one of the most stunning movies I've ever seen - each frame is a work of art - even those without Brad Pitt....ha ha. Don't try to work it out or analyze - let it wash over you - it's really about the connectedness of existence if that isn't too grandiose for you - from flashes of the creation of the earth with volcanic activity and emergence of sea life to an exploration of the there is the story of a family in 1950s Texas with Brad as the patriarch..there isn't a lot of dialogue -but you won't miss it - very visceral performances from all the cast - the young boys are a revelation - one of the kids exactly like a young Brad.

I haven't seen Jessica Chastain before - but her ethereal, sensitive presence as the nurturing and protective mom  is astounding, Brad gets the role of the disciplinarian dad - somewhat bitter about dashed dreams.

I think Terence Malick may be an INFP or Type 2 - that's the feeling I get from this very lush, flowing and introspective work. Go see it! I think it's Oscar material for sure.
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