Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eat Raw, Eat Well

I am thrilled to have in my hot little hands the latest raw recipe book - and this is by Doug McNish - famed vegan chef of such places as Raw Aura and creator of the vegan menu at the Windsor Arms. The book was launched last night at Eco Existence a great little shop on St. Clair near Christie and featured drinks and nibbles from the book - the brownies were divine!

Doug is a regular fixture here on the vegan dining scene and has twice won the Vegan Iron Chef competition a the Vegetarian Food Festival. He is also his best advertisement for the vegan and particularly raw lifestyle - having shed some 100 pounds when he chose a veg path and through cooking demos, workshops and classes..

I have already tried out the smoothie recipe "Lemon Meringue " and am making the Herbed Mushroom Duxelles later today. I am already salivating over the other recipe descriptions : "Cake Batter Smoothie", "Almond Butter and Jelly Smoothie"..."Electrifying Electrolyte Drink", breads such as Cinnamon Raisin Flax Bagels and Banana Pecan French Toast for breakfast and for soups : "Cauliflower Gumbo", Avgolomeno and Sweet and Sour Broth with Kelp Noodles for Salads: Kale Waldorf, Mango Jicima and Pumpkin Seed with Fresh Herbs, Lemony Shredded Beet and Carrot Cream Slaw....and for entrees how about "Barbecue Pulled Burdock Sandwich" or "Shaved Asparagus and Squash Fettucine", "Zucchini Manicotti" - maybe some Sweet Potato Chips or Cauliflowers Popcorn to snack on with one of the many dip recipes included...then for dessert maybe a "Pecan Pie" or  simple 3 ingredient Chocolate Walnut Brownies.

With over 400 recipes in the book and lots of helpful tips and suggested substitutions and additions you too will want to get to work in the kitchen and fire up your dehydrator and Vitamix. Best of all this book is Canadian! Way to go Doug!

Published by Robert Rose - - the book is also available on and I'm sure will be stocked at the TVA resource centre.
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