Monday, June 8, 2009

Art of Jazz wrap up

This is one of the best jazz vocalists on the planet -the lovely Roberta Gambarini. I am very happy to report she is as beautiful and gracious as you would expect from her stage presence.
Even after the many well wishers she hugged and chatted with after her show at A of J and a drive back to her hotel she was always pleasant, poised and the epitome of class. No diva here.
Let's talk about her her singing - the woman has perfect control, I'm pretty sure she has been compared to the great Sarah Vaughn. Scatting saxophone and trumpet solos and even doing a great trumpet impersonation on "Estate" she can soar to heavenly high notes with ease but also be so intimate you feel you are the only person she sharing her stories "Crazy". Neil Swainson provided the perfect partner on this bass and vocal combo. They had fun with "The Sunny Side of the Street", "That Old Black Magic" and "Don't be that Way". I always know I'm having a good time at an event when my attention is focused and doesn't wander off to things like...what am I going to blog about next.
There was a little confusion about one or two sets with Miss G thinking there were two....after a 30 second break....a partial second set which everyone ate up, leaping to their feet...
I also had a rocking good time listening to the energy of Pat Martino, Tony Monaco and Jason Brown on the Trinity Stage. The audience was captured from the first number - I noticed lots of head bopping and swaying, enthusiastic applause and yells after each solo. Perfect music for a sunny day.
A music filled day was capped off at the Rex and P.J. Perry - always in fine form along with Kevin Dean on trumpet, Andre White piano; Neil Swainson, bass and Barry Elmes on drums. The tunes varied from standards like "Like Someone in Love" to a tango, and a lovely tribute "For Arnie" (the late Arnie Chycoski). Whew!
Check out the Jazz FM website for further updates - festivals, profiles...
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