Monday, June 15, 2009

Luminato Finale

Well,almost made it to the end. Apparently there were LOTS of communication issues with the Cirque du Soleil presentation this closing weekend. People being misdirected about where performances were, the time of performances etc. etc. The finale was delayed for about an hour last night due to concerns about weather - i.e. rain or thunderstorms. So after waiting an hour and trying to crane my neck to see around people AND having people who were taller decide to stand in front of back and legs were protesting. I could kind of see what was going on from people's camera screens - thank goodness for digitial cameras! It all seemed very colourful, and there was someone performing amazing bicycle tricks, a performer on a tightrope and two ladies performing incredible feats from a pyramid shaped, suspended apparatus - such strength and grace. I did not make it to the bitter end and I was not alone in the streams of people walking away... I have seen Cirque in a paid performance and it was certainly worth every penny - vibrant, exciting and in some cases death defying. It certainly is exciting to have this festival on the roster, though. Here's to next year...
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