Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Danny Marks and then the Botos Brothers...

I have a fun evening at the Rex planned...with the very entertaining (host of Bluz FM on Saturday nights - Jazz FM 91.1) Danny Marks....Danny is talented, funny and knows possibly every popular song ever written...or just about. Then the 9:30 show - the incredible Botos brothers with brother Lajos, a wonderful singer joining Robi on piano and Frank on drums... You would think I would be tired of jazz after the extravaganza last week, wouldn't you..but no. I am taking a little breather from the station blog, though... Tomorrow I am going in search of something called "sfogliatelle" - ever since I saw these delectable items being made on my current TV show obsession - "Cake Boss". They are flaky pastries , resembling lobster tails with a dense cream inside...yum!! I'm going to haunt College Street..which would seem to be a good start.... A goddess has to look good and I'm now into the Joe Fresh makeup line - cheap - items less than $10. I love the "Poppy" lipgloss (an orange colour) that I bought last week in a rush at Loblaws. I want to try more of the line and do so at a more leisurely pace. So down to Queen's Quay for a suburban in urban shopping experience. I am busily transcribing a lengthy interview with a legendary jazz producer, that the velvet voiced Ross Porter has been working on...not that's it work listening to Mr. Porter's smoky bass. Gee, was that too obsequious? :)
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