Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello, Tokyo! that right? I am just excited that I got a hit from Japan! I understand Japanese are big jazz this is promising..I have been waiting for months!
I am planning on going to see "Departures" which I have heard wonderful things about - of course, it is Japanese and won Best Foreign Film Oscar.
How I long to go to the Land of the Rising Sun!! I think I may have been Japanese in a past life since I am fascinated by their culture - I read a great novel a while back , "The Last Concubine".
Tonight is the Positive Fabulous Women meetup at Southern Accent - Cajun food and good company... to Lula to hear Laura Fernandez then to Tequila Bookworm for William Carn...still seem to be on the Latin vibe...
I'm going to blog about both clubs...
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