Monday, July 27, 2009

Mad Men's fun!!

This is what I came up with from playing around on - the permutations are endless...choose your eye shape, body type, hair, clothes etc...just what an addicted one like me needs..
On that cool note....a little write up about the cool and smoky voiced Julie London...
I was put in mind of her recently by hearing "Cry Me a River"...there's a great version on You Tube - from Japanese TV I believe.
Many people know of this lovely actress from the TV series "Emergency" in which she starred as nurse Dixie McCall along with her husband songwriter Bobby Troup of "Route 66" fame. Can you believe she was married to Jack Webb - talk about opposites attracting..however, they did share a mutual love of jazz.
"Cry Me a River" was written by a high school classmate of hers...check out the videos on You Tube...
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