Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is being anti-jazz the new thing?

It was brought to my attention that columnist Tabitha Southey in the "Globe and Mail" had some sort of ill informed rant about jazz funding in that august paper - slightly less so now with such inflammatory garbage. Recently a reviewer in the Montreal Gazette gave a particularly catty review of the Maria Schneider Orchestra which many felt was what's going on here? Is it the "I'm so cool that I'm anti jazz"? Southey was comparing funding to jazz festivals - which she feels is in excess of what is necessary - because she doesn't like this particular art form. Guess what? It's called a democracy. She goes on to lampoon (lamely) fashion choices of jazz patrons and compares it to the Pride Parade where there is much merriment and "inclusiveness" of all manner of people. Well, if you had done your research you would find jazz has been ground-breaking in the areas of inclusiveness - with black and white musicians performing together and individuals such as Artie Shaw way back in the 30's protesting the treatment of his then singer, Billie Holliday. Let me fight fire with fire and hazard a guess that maybe Ms. Southey had a not so positive relationship with a jazz lover? A woman scorned? Well, I for one am not going to miss her attendance at jazz events. I am however, saddened that the Globe and Mail who has had such a great jazz enthusiast and writer as Mark Miller has chosen to print this drivel.
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