Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cuban Interlude

Although we have been having an unseasonably mild "winter" so far it's still nice to get some Cuban sunshine - Luis Mario Ochoa's group gave a wonderful concert tonight at the Richard Bradshaw amphitheatre at the Four Seasons Centre - among the musicians - Hilario Duran and Mark Kelso. Particularly effective : "Longina" - which featured Luis and Hilario alone - on a very poignant song of longing.
I also moseyed over to see Ali Berkok and his band Arkana Music at Trane - as usual - more bodies would be nice in the house. Still I enjoyed the set - thank you very much. Happy Birthday to Ali tomorrow - I look forward to hearing the band again soon. Ali is also playing on Friday night - different band.
Tomorrow - "Jazzology" taping - Justin Sauson, Mohawk, bass and Sophia Perlman is at the Rex every Thursday for the 6:30 show this month.
I made some shortbread cookies today...some with lavender...since I'm on an all things flowery kick - I bought some violet mints today - strangely I am attracted to purple, violets and lavender these days. I was reading purple is a very spiritual colour, intuitive and creative...hmmmm....Children are also very attracted to it - maybe I am having the second childhood....
The lovely photo is from flickr/creative commons and was taken by Eliza1946.
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