Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dave Young Live to Air

What a great treat on a chilly winter night. Dave and the band sounded great - Robi Botos, Frank Botos and Kevin Turcotte. There was an enthusiastic audience and a genial "cheerleader" host..my boss Larry Green.
"Mean What You Say" - a great motto in life and one I try to abide by - the name of the CD. Norbert Botos - the up and coming young drummer phenom (and son of Frank) was rapidly selling the new release after the taping.
"Everytime We Say Goodbye"....one of my favourite tunes. I listened to the album tonight - gorgeous...especially Robi's contributions.
I have now commenced work on updating the archive...so I am getting a bit of jazz bio brain. Took a break at "Shanghai Cowgirl" and bought some red gloss - GOSH at Shoppers. I'm not really a red lipstick girl - but am inspired by "Mad Men"'s Joan to bring out my inner vixen. I just haven't found the perfect shade yet.
Tomorrow in my time honoured tradition of procrastinating I will be baking some Rugelach....
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