Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catching up with some "Jazzology" grads

Although the summer has flown by, it was time for me to get back into the jazz groove so to speak and head to Gate 403 last night. Courtney Quebec Desloges on pianos and vocals, Martin Kuwawi on guitar and Andrew Pacheco on bass - 3 grads and Yorkians....

I was delighted to see in the audience vocalist man about town Ori Dagan and "Jazzology" grads Ben Young and the every effervescent Danica Leigh - who tells me she is pursuing a Master's degree at York in the fall...I hope to hear her sing again soon as she is delightful and very very promising - she positively glows.

Celebrity sighting of the day: Don McKellar at Ella's Uncle yesterday morning. Swoon - yes, I have a thing for the intellectual and artistic.
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