Sunday, August 22, 2010

Perils of blogging

Check out Danny Fong - a student at Humber College, from Saskatchewan - very cool. Thanks to friends of my brother Colin's for turning me on to this young man - check out all his videos on You Tube.

Part of what I love about blogging is the opportunity of expressing myself - however, there is always the potential dark side - someone may take offense at what you write. I always strive to be positive and supportive and remind readers that my views are my own and subjective - what I like you may not like but I always appreciate the talent and hard work that goes into someone's recording or performance. A friend of mine forwarded me an example of the perils of the blogosphere - the review of a theatre performance in Edmonton at the Fringe - which I did not find negative or "snarky" and "pretentious" that was the criticism of the theatre company's artistic director who proceeded to slag the blogger and cast aspersions shall we say - most upsetting to me as he was one of my favourite actors when I lived in Edmonton.

I hope to never ever be in this position but when you put yourself out there well....there may be more to the story than I know - I just found the reaction to be extreme to say the least and certainly did nothing to further themselves in the public's view. The blogger mainly writes about the food scene - check it out for yourself...

On a food note, today I have made the "Chocolate Zucchini Spice Cake" - in a bundt pan with Chocolate Ganache from Jae Steele's "Ripe from Around Here"....yummm

Exciting news - a new veg restaurant in the former Full Moon space - I was distressed to see it closed and missed the many fine meals prepared and served by Ken and his family. I understand from the new owners they expect to open their newly renovated "Greens Vegetarian" next month....hooray!! Thank you Full Moon for many a pleasurable dining and take out experience...all the best!
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