Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael and Steven and Chris

It is taping week for me....went to a Michael Kaeshammer DVD taping at the Great Hall on Queen on a wintry Monday night - that was a blast - there was also lovely free mixed drinks courtesy of Hennessey. Had dinner with my friend Victoria at Ravi's Soups - Leek and Sunchoke for me - warming and delicious.

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This morning a taping at CBC of "Steven and Chris" - a new experience for me - going to a TV show taping and it was great - I was there with the Positive Fabulous Women led by the tireless and enthusiastic Katia! We were such a good group - in our red tops - they invited us back for a taping in the new year and will feature us - or rather hopefully Katia who is our guiding light. There were some prize giveaways and everyone got a grater - more fine or coarse.

On the schedule were home decor makeovers, financial advice from Gail Vaz-Oxlade and a delicious smelling curry...we just got the sight and smell of that one - however, it was lamb so I wouldn't have been able to eat it anyway - maybe the basmati rice though...which was prepared in the oven instead of stovetop - must try that sometime.

Tonight is GNO and my singing debut at Chalkers - along with the rest of my class from Bill's workshop - which he is continuing in January I might add...check out the 918 Bathurst schedule.  Perhaps if I have a nice glass of wine I might relax some - it will be nice to have the other classmates and Bill there. June Garber is paying a visit to us on our last night tomorrow. Louisa LaBarbera will also have bright shiny objects (i.e. jewellery) to distract me and others as well.

I will be in class but I urge you to check out Bill Mays at the Old Mill tomorrow night - P.J. Perry is part of the great band, after all. Also Dave Restivo is sitting in with Dan's band at Azure tomorrow night.

Friday night - Melissa Stylianou is in town at the Homesmith Bar - gonna trek out for that one and on Saturday night Vincent Wolfe is at Chalkers Pub.

The lovely and talented June Garber will drop in to our class great!

In the midst of the busy whirl - made some rugelach and checked out the Ostara Spa down the block - a polish change with Butter London's "Yummy mummy" a lovely grey/mauve and a skin care consult plus some munchies. They use the Dr. Renaud line - which I am now curious about.

Tomorrow is the last "Jazzology" taping before the new year....
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