Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

Yes, you can fill in the blank...caught a little of one of my all time favourite seasonal shows last night - of course Rudolph - I am such a sap - was it because I could relate to feeling like a misfit when I was younger or the comforting ending. Last night I had more sympathy for the Abominable Snowman - having all his teeth pulled - sheesh - a little extreme!

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As we enter into the holiday season there are more and more concerts on the agenda and so you may say well, what is happening musically this month or even week Moreen? I will answer as best I can kids.

Thanks to Bullhorn Media - methinks I am going over to Liberty Bistro tomorrow night to take in up and coming chanteuse Barbara Lica - singer David Statham is there next week from 8 p.m. John McLeod is at "Quotes" on Friday with the CJQ, as always Mr. Dan and his trio at Azure.

Oh and go hear Coleman Tindsley, Josh Goodman and Julie McGregor at Gate 403 on Saturday  for the brunch slot - starting at noon - yummy.

I got an email from the lovely and talented Diana Panton advising of some of her upcoming gigs - one on December 12th for an hour long concert featuring Don Thompson and Reg Schwager - that's at St Phillips. Anglican Church in Etobicoke, 25 St. Phillips Road, Etobicoke - pay whatever you can and you should be generous considering the talented trio assembled there! Visit - she informs me that we can expect her 4th release recorded in August, next fall.

Festive wise - there is the Sound of Toronto concert, New Orleans style with Jeremy Davenport at the Old Mill on the 13th, and also the incomparable Bill Mays there on Thursday the 16th - alas, I will be in my last vocal workshop class. As Johnny Mathis sang "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve"? Why not celebrate either at Azure or the Old Mill - where Jazz FM's own Heather Bambrick will be a warbling.

Exciting news - raw food closer to home. It appears Rawlicious - my favourite raw food restaurant has now opened a location in Yorkville!!! 20 Cumberland Street -  All the best to them....more seasonal events to come...must dash off for facial at Lush and Lavish.

P.S. Saw Ori Dagan and June Garber at Ian Shaw's gig at the Old Mill on Monday. Got to chat with Ori about his trip to New York in December...seems he may be scoping it out for future use...
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