Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Purple prose

A meditation on that hue, if you will. While following the labyrinth behind Eaton Centre with the PFW meetup on Sunday - the word and scent of lavender popped into my brain. I seem to be still obsessed with this royal colour these days...but think about all the names of the shades of this colour - they roll off the tongue beautifully...

Image from fairydreams.net

Violet, lavender, plum, mauve, aubergine, lilac..pure poetry.

Lavender in the language of flowers means devotion and also is used as an oil for stress relief...hmmm...what does that tell me I wonder?

I am thinking of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" as my pick for class on Thursday and may give "In the Wee Small Hours" a go...you could actually weave those two together...it's looking a little festive outside these days what with our snowfall...

Went to see "Black Swan" - intense and Natalie Portman is devastating - not a upbeat feel good movie, I felt I was on the edge of my seat as they say for most of it.

Musically, Tom Szcesniak - accordionist extraordinaire is at Quotes on Friday and a reminder that there is always some great jazz at the Old Mill including the New Orleans Christmas of Jeremy Davenport on Monday. I will be taking in Mr. Michael Kaeshammer on that eveing.

My brother also reminds me that the annual trombone extravaganza "Jingle Bones" is fast approaching - December 20th to be exact - I believe again at the Rhino on Queen West...but will provide more deets as the kids say.

Back to mauve  - purchased a comfy and very flattering bamboo scoop neck, long sleeved tee at the One of a Kind Show - www.chloeangus.com - based out of Vancouver. They had they amazing button wraps you could wear multiple ways - sorely tempted - may still order that online. Ideally for me all clothes would feel like pajamas.

Other craft shows I will check out - the one at the Distillery and also at 401 Richmond - always great finds there from the craftspeople who inhabit the building.

Oh and I am requested to plug John McLeod and the Rex Hotel Orchestra's new CD! Visit
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